Auto detailing is a detailed activity of gently doing procedures and operations that maintain the car in its peak possible condition, particularly for aesthetic, rather than mechanical, purposes. A person who carries out auto detailing is called an auto detailer. Some of the auto detailing work includes washing and waxing of the interior and exterior parts of the car, cleaning of car wheels, paintwork including the tires, cleaning of engine parts like the carburetor, etc. It also involves the polishing of the tires and waxing of the brakes, etc. A person can work on his own or be employed by any company engaged in the same activity.

Most people have a misconception that the purpose of automobile detailing is only to clean the car. On the contrary, it is much more! The primary and major function of auto detailing is to prepare a vehicle for sale so that it looks presentable. This can be done by making the car clean, waxed, and polished so as to give it a new look. The second purpose of auto detailing is to prepare the vehicle for sale by making it look ready for any buyer.

While you are doing car washing, headlight restoration, and polish, one of the important tasks is to remove all the small and big debris that gets accumulated on the road. This debris is often referred to as flyleaf or flying dirt. It is not just about making your car clean, but more importantly, it is about removing all these fly leaves so that you do not lose their quality when you go for the polish. This is where the work of a car wash specialist becomes very important.

During the cleaning process for the car, you will find that several chemicals are used for this purpose. Among these chemicals, sodium hydroxide and ammonium phosphate are commonly used. These chemicals are used for cleaning and removing all kinds of dirt from the surface of the material being cleaned. Sodium hydroxide is known as lye, while ammonium phosphate is known as soap. You should always remember that no matter how hard or clean you try to wash a vehicle with these chemicals, they still leave traces of dirt on the surface. These chemicals react with grease, oil, and water and form different kinds of mats that settle on the surface of the car.

When it comes to the matter of headlight restoration and auto detailing, the professionals use a special method for cleaning. In-car washing, a rotary car wash machine is used that is capable of taking out all the flying dirt particles from the surface. This is done by spraying the cleaner on the surface of the car so that all the affected areas are covered. After spraying the cleaner, a car lift is used to take out all the accumulated dirt and the shines and sparkles come back. The rotary scrub brush and wash machine are used for this job. This process is called car wash.

There are many other techniques used in the field of car detailing and auto detailing. You can learn about them from the Internet or from books. A detailed discussion of these techniques can be found under the topic of car washing. The importance of using proper car wash equipment and methods cannot be overemphasized. Car detailing and auto detailing requires careful handling and a lot of experience.